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Why I like including a few tips

It's important to start by saying this is not a paid advertisement and I'm not receiving any payment of any sort for this article. It's strictly my opinion. There are 2 main reasons I like using; Accounting and Finding Jobs 1. Accounting I no longer need to...

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How Sh*t Happens

I did not write this and can't remember where I read it. But, I liked it so I posted it here. --- In the beginning was The Plan. And then came The Assumptions. And The Assumptions were without form. And The Plan was without substance. And a darkness came upon the...

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The Internet is Down!

I'm at their mercy. Working from home is a joy...until my internet connection goes down. Is it just me? Do I have a virus? Is it my ISP? Is it Anonymous? Have they hacked the entire internet? Ok...calm down...take a deep breath. My clients. Geeze. They'll think I'm...

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Affiliate Websites – Good or Bad?

I got to thinking about affiliate marketing and wondering why many people have a negative view on it. I also wonder why Google has an issue with them. Most of the time Google will not allow you to run ads on their AdWords system if you are running an affiliate site....

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Unethical Online Tactics – Not a pretty story

I just finished reading an article about deceptive online marketing practices and felt the need to give my opinion on the subject. Especially since I have first hand experience with a former client that engaged in not only deceptive practices but unethical and down...

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Hosting sites on multiple IP addresses for SEO

There is much debate on whether hosting multiple websites within the same class C IP range will hurt SEO efforts. In my opinion, this something that Google needs to stop doing. FYI, Matt Cutts of Google claims this will not affect page rank. I sure hope this is the...

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Observation about jobs for Web Designers

I am creating this post to help try and educate the public about the differences between a Creative Designer, a Web Designer, a Technical Designer, a Web Developer, and a Software Engineer. * A Creative Designer is an artist in the space. He/she is AWESOME at creative...

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I recently received a letter in the mail, (yes, snail mail), from a company called Web Listings, Inc. Their website is They are selling a bogus SEO service. Here is the scoop. Firstly, the mailing is made to look like an invoice. This is to fool...

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