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Over 20 years experience.
Services cover a wide range of areas including: web design, Divi theme, WooCommerce eCommerce, WordPress, Zen Cart, web server optimization, page speed optimization, SEO, and much more.

To make your job easier

I will setup everything from soup to nuts.
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Divi Theme
Custom Website Designs using the Divi Theme
Beautiful Divi theme web designs done the right way.

With dozens of Divi websites under my belt, I’m ready to take your site to the next level and improve sales and conversions.

Your success is my success!

Your site mobile experience is just as important as your laptop. It’s easy to make adjustments for mobile devices in Divi. I’ll show you how.

Divi Portfolio
More About Divi
Divi Tips

WooCommerce Layouts & Designs

Customize the catalog and product pages to optimize sales and performance!

The Divi theme allows you to customize your product pages, category pages and much more.

Migrating from Zen Cart to WooCommerce? I have done this migration over a dozen times. Let’s do it!

NOTE: It's very important to choose a good web host for eCommerce.

WooCommerce Portfolio
WooCommerce Tips

Custom WordPress Website Designs

Responsive, custom WordPress web designs using the Divi theme gives you the most flexibility.

Some sites require a customized theme and/or special plugins. I will help you find the best solutions for your requirements.

Having page speed issues?

Yes, it's possible to get good scores on GTMetrix and Google Page Speed. See my site scores here. It takes patience and perseverance. Take a look a my case study done back in December, 2020. Contact me to get it done on your website! All services

IMPORTANT: Be wary of free WordPress themes and plugins. Make sure you have a professional help you stay away from the hackers.

WordPress Portfolio

Zen Cart
Zen Cart e-Commerce Designs

NOT SO MUCH THESE DAYS. Responsive Zen Cart e-Commerce designs and customizations.

Update your version of Zen Cart to the latest now for security reasons.

NOTE: If you're just starting out I recommend using WordPress, WooCommerce and Divi instead. Ask me why.

Zen Cart Tips
Zen Cart Overview

Web Hosting too!

Offering web hosting only to a select few.

Secure cPanel server with auto backups, SSL certificates, and much more.

I personally maintain your website with manual monthly updates. Read more


Custom Design

I’ll do my best to create a design that will appeal to your market.

Divi Theme Customizations

Things like color palette, sizing, fonts, header, footer, and many other settings.

Divi Help & Instructions

Guidance via screen share with Zoom is something I do all the time. I’ll show you the ins and outs of Divi.

Free Stuff

The Divi theme is provided for free along with many other Divi related plugins I have licenses for. Ask me!

Ongoing Support

No monthly fees. Keep the UpWork project open and contact me when you need help and pay only for the time spent on your changes.

Responsive Design

Mobile devices are top priority and things like spacing, fonts, images, etc are considered from the very start.

Email Marketing

I can help you get your site connected to your email marketing service and advise on the best course of action for your business. Read more

WordPress Content Management System

Guidance provided via Zoom screenshare if needed, to help you manage your content.

eCommerce with WooCommerce

Unlimited categories, sub-categories, and products. Experience with lots of different plugins.

Integrated Payment Modules

Full integration with payment modules like Stripe,, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS is almost always needed for something. I have a ton of pre-written CSS for many customizations.

PHP Programming

Many times custom programming is needed like adding custom functions.


The search engines are kept in mind during the entire development process. Plugins are required. Guidance provided if needed. Read more.

Image Optimization

Each image used will be optimized, sized, and polished for speed and mobile devices.

Phone Consultations

I like to speak on the phone to see if we’re a good fit, preferably between noon and 3 PM EST.

Professional Web Development

With over 20 years of web design and development experience, I have seen a lot and will help you choose the right path from the start.


Your Success is My Success

An on-going relationship is important to me.

Helping you maximize your website’s potential is good for both of us!.

Wanna make it easy to update your website? Keep your project open. Then, send me your updates whenever you need them.

You pay only for honest hours of real work. Nothing else.