Website designs and more

To make your job easier…

I will setup everything from soup to nuts.

What does that mean?

For your reading pleasure, below are some of the basic steps I take before diving into the design phase and gives you an idea of what I have in my arsenal. It’s not all about design although it’s the most fun for me.

Web host server setup/tweaking for speed and security, including and DNS changes. Also things like SSL certificate, PHP version and variables as well as backups (if applicable), staging area (if applicable), caching, email addresses, etc.

Install WordPress.
Including setting up the database manually if needed, and configuring site settings for things like URL structure, discussion/comment options, company info, admin users, etc.

Install and configure security plugins.
This is a critical first step to make sure your site is secure from the moment it’s installed. Includes anti-spam setup, firewall, limit user logins, etc.

Install and configure Divi theme.
Including things like your logo, custom color palette, fonts, and other global settings. If custom functions are required, a child theme will be installed.

Install additional plugins.
For your specific needs and requirements this might include things like SEO, contact forms/integration, site speed/caching, image compression, analytics tracking, etc.

If eCommerce is needed, WooCommerce is installed along with many additional plugins for things like shipping and payments. A few test (or real) products/product categories are added.

Design the site.

I typically start by adding all the pages to the site without any content. Then, make the navigation menus I think will be needed.

At this point, we may decide to make a style guide page with custom presets we can use throughout the site. This makes things consistent and easier to manage.

I then begin with the header and footer designs making sure they are polished for mobile from the start.

The home page is usually next with the rest of the pages following soon after.

If eCommerce, I’ll customize the Cart, Shop, My Account, product category, and product pages. This includes custom child theme files, for the cart and checkout pages, that helps with conversions.

And of course, we test, test, test.