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Email Marketing

Maximize the value of your existing customers

I’m the guy that…


akes the email design and template with things like a logo, header, footer, CSS, HTML, etc, etc.

Will be by your side during the conference call with support, asking questions you may not have thought of.
Makes sure everything conforms with your branding and objectives.
Asks questions like “Are you sure about that? Because I’ve seen this or that happen…”
Helps point you in the right direction always keeping your best interest in mind.

I’m the guy that…

Create an email database by strategically placing sign up forms on your website. Forms can come in all shapes and sizes. A general rule of thumb is to keep the number of form fields to a minimum.

IMPORTANT: We need to have a reason for your customers to want to give you their email address. Mutual respect needs to be considered here. You need to offer an incentive to sign up.

Ask yourself…

What is the pay off for your potential customer? A discount? Free shipping? Great tips? Monthly updates? Free download? It needs to be good. Once you have a sizable email database, is when we start thinking about email marketing strategies.

Top Email Marketing Solutions

There are many email marketing solutions that enable you to maximize the value of your existing customers. Together, we’ll find one that meets your requirements and budget.

Through a combination of hosted technology and select agency services, I can help you create and execute online direct marketing campaigns by creating email templates with your branding and help drive revenue and deepen customer relationships.


Opt In/ Opt Out

Anti Spam laws require you to allow your customers to opt in as well as opt out of your email communications. This is essential when we set up your email marketing campaigns. The last thing you want to do is to create a bad reputation and get blacklisted. I highly recommend using one of the services above.