The Truth About Web Design Pricing

It depends on what you're looking to do. With an accurate assessment of your requirements, I'll be able to give you a more accurate estimate..

Some possibilities


Maybe. If you want a quick site using WordPress, install of a theme of my choice, install of basic WP plugins, set-up color palette and layout, add your logo, and maybe 3 or 4 pages and a contact form.

Yes, it’s possible. But, I recommend budgeting a little more.


This is doable. It’s at the low end of the average cost for a small WordPress site with minimal customizations and good design elements that are thought out.  Maybe a few contact forms.  And, probably a few phone strategy phone calls.

It’s also possible to do a proper e-commerce site using Zen Cart for this. But, it might be pushing it.


For a high quality Zen Cart e-commerce system with a responsive design, customized for improved conversions, custom graphics, etc. this is a good budget to have for opening your store.

Most of my Zen Cart projects are in this budget range.

This would also be a number to use for a high quality WordPress site with something like 10 – 15 pages or so with lots of cool features and graphics.

$2,000 - $3,000

If you’re looking for a lot of customizations, heavy design elements, lots of focus on SEO, some content writing, email integration, automation, product imports or setup, etc. this might be a good number to think about.

Things like software updates, new processes, minor changes, customer feedback, etc will most likely happen and may necessitate changes. It’s smart to prepare for them.

On-going support should also be considered. A website needs constant nurturing and is ever growing.

All projects must run thru at my hourly rate.

no fixed bid projects, sorry

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 Go ahead, I dare you

Sometimes …

you see a design and think it’s all just a matter of applying a “look” to stuff that’s already there. In reality, that’s basically what’s going on. In practice, however, things are intensely more complicated. Your website IS your business. What do you think it’s worth?

A quality web design…

requires a substantial amount of experience, knowledge and time to pull all this off in a relatively seamless fashion. Responsive (mobile, tablet, desktop) design also needs to be considered on all pages. Many times concessions are made. Good news is, I use themes (WordPress) and templates (Zen Cart) that have proven themselves time and again on all devices.

Please don’t be this person

No, I did not make this video.

My hope is this will help weed out some dead wood.

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