Web Design Pricing


Budget at least $1,000. That’s the short answer. With an accurate assessment of your requirements, I’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

Drawing from decades of experience working with hundreds of different companies, I can help you avoid the many pitfalls. Pick my brain and working together we’ll make the proper decisions from a business perspective that makes the most sense for your website.

Navigating the digital world can be confusing. I’ll walk you thru the process and choose the best route for your business. Then, set up everything from soup to nuts.

Contact me and let’s talk.

Sometimes you see a design and think it’s all just a matter of applying a “look” to stuff that’s already there.

In reality, that’s basically what’s going on. In practice, however, things are intensely more complicated. Your website IS your business. What do you think it’s worth?

A quality web design requires a substantial amount of experience, knowledge and time to pull all this off in a relatively seamless fashion. Good news is I have that experience!

The more time spent on the details, the more success you’ll have. Mobile design polishing is critical. There are tricks to achieving better looking mobile versions to your site. I’ll show you the way.

Hooking you up!

Do the math and you may discover the fees you save on plugins will cover your web design costs in no time.

what this means

Talk about value!

The Divi Theme by Elegantthemes.com is included for free.

A $89 / Year value!

I own licenses for additional plugins and legally able to provide to you for free*. You may not need any of these plugins but are available if you do.

Here are just a few that can save you hundreds of dollars each year in plugin fees!

*As long as I keep up with my annual payments and I don't get hit by the beer truck.

Think of the possibilities!

A $259 / Year value!

Now offering the Gravity Forms Elite (gravityforms.com) plugin for free!

Includes ALL the Elite Add-Ons like these:

  • User Registration Add-On
  • Authorize.net Add-On
  • Coupons Add-On
  • Partial Entries Add-On
  • Polls Add-On
  • Signature Add-On
  • Survey Add-On
  • And more

More Free Plugins

Need any of these? You got it!
Plugins from ElegantMarketplace.com:

  • Anything Slider (A $60 / Year value)
  • Divi Mega Menu (A $25 / Year value)
  • Divi Filterable Blog Module (A $12.50 / Year value)

Plugins from Divi.Space:
A $199 / Year value!

  • Divi Switch Pro
  • Divi Shop Builder
  • Product Carousel for Divi and WooCommerce
  • Divi Rocket
  • Testify (testimonials)
  • And more

Divi Booster divibooster.com:
A $39 / Year value!

  • Divi Booster adds 100s of new configuration options to Divi.
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