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Aug 24, 2011 | My Thoughts | 1 comment

I am creating this post to help try and educate the public about the differences between a Creative Designer, a Web Designer, a Technical Designer, a Web Developer, and a Software Engineer.

* A Creative Designer is an artist in the space. He/she is AWESOME at creative thinking, and at conceptual based design in the digital space, like UI, UX, Experience Design, and Brand Experience Design. You will find this type of professional in Design Studios across the world, like Fantasy Interactive, and II Advance! The guys who win FWA awards!

* A Web Designer is a “Designer”. He/she uses Photoshop, and illustrator to create visually appealing websites for customers. He/she then uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other cool stuff for the layout and interactivity of the website, or web based application.

* A Web Developer writes code, and usually only code for the web. He can usually write HTML, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Dojo, XML, Json, SOAP UI, he can generate a wsdl. These guys usually suck at CSS and design skills.

* A Technical Designer is the combination of a Web Designer, and a Web Developer, and at times a Software Engineer, too! This professional is rare! I’ll call them the “Hybrids” of our industry. They may be able run an entire IT department by themselves.

* A Software Engineer writes the mother languages like Java, C#, C, C++, Objective C. He/she can be a DBA and can easily set up an open source environment and is for the most part pretty damn good at math.

All these professionals have one unique thing in common… THEY ALL HATE INTERNET EXPLORER lol

You are probably wondering why I wrote all this crap?

Well, it’s frustrating when I see posts for jobs/projects, say on CraigsList. It’s hard to believe the sheer number of people that want everything for nothing. And, they place an ad for a “Web Designer” and they actually need a “Web Developer” or vice versa. Oh, and it would be great if you can make some graphics for me…like my logo. Oh, and I also need a “small” event application. Geeze…

I see posts for “quick” or “easy” updates to websites. Then, I come to see the actual updates they want are NOT quick OR easy.

Or, I see the posts for “the next big thing”. And, they will share the profits with someone that will do ALL the work. Really?

It seems like so many people believe that those cool buttons just do magical things without ever giving any thought as to how much time and thought developers put into each piece of functionality.

So to conclude…please title your job posts accordingly. And, if you want a Technical Designer please PAY THEM ACCORDINGLY! Most of us have been doing this for years and are college educated. It’s insulting to be offered $10 or $12 an hour. How much do you think you’re worth? And, please don’t expect us to get all excited about your “next big thing” and be willing to work hundreds of hours in the hopes that you know how to run a business.

Be willing to pay for quality work. If you want to share your profits with us, that’s awesome. But, please help us pay our bills in the meantime.

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  1. Excellent! is the word that comes to my mind when I read what you have to say. Your opinions are very much like mine.

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