Divi Tips

Make image open in lightbox in Divi

Say you added an image in the text editor and want it to open in a lightbox popup. In the editor make the image you placed there a link and link it to itself. Then, paste the following class into the HREF tag (not the image tag). class="et_pb_lightbox_image" So, your...

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Make Divi footer stick to bottom on short pages

If you want make the footer display at the very bottom for short content pages, you can use the code below. Paste this in the Divi Options/Ingergration area in the header section. [php] <script> jQuery(function($){ function stickyFooter(){ var footer =...

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Change Logo on Mobile – Divi Theme

If you want to add a different logo to your header for different screen resolutions, you can use the code below. Change the URLs to point to your images. You can also adjust the width value to whatever you like. [php]<script> jQuery( document ).ready(function()...

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